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The City

Luthersville will strive to enhance the quality of life of its residents, preserve community assets, including its rural character, small town sense of place, cultural and natural resources, and scenic beauty. Through committed leadership, we will foster economic prosperity, expand recreation, promote tourism, maintain and improve transportation infrastructure, and promote quality attainable housing.

The City of Luthersville is comprised of approximately 3.1 square miles and has a population of 776 residents. Luthersville is recognized as the “Gateway into Meriwether County” since it serves as a major entrance to the county from the north along GA Highways 27 and 54. Luthersville has the potential to be the location where increased residential growth occurs in the near future. The City of Luthersville is making a conscious effort to revitalize its commercial core.

Our Mission

The City of Luthersville’s mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life by providing a safe, livable, and sustainable community for our present and future residents.

Our Vision

The City of Luthersville shall be a model of excellence in local government; a safe community, well planned to develop and grow as a rural community of choice that recognizes the value of economic prosperity in the pursuit of enhanced community infrastructure, amenities and quality of life.